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Artist / Art Therapist




















Life as an artist

For more than 40 years I have been working and exhibiting as an artist. My work has progressed through most 2D media, photography, paint, collage, digital media. A love of drawing lies beneath it all. I can't even think without drawing. I have known periods of work that range from intense figurativism to abstract expression then back to figurativism. I have also known periods of fusion, when different styles and approaches have been brought into the same artwork. Though I have experienced a level of "success" with my artwork, I have always followed where the art has led me. In essence, my artwork has always been a conduit to my subconscious and I understand my logical progression into art therapy as an intimate inevitability.


What is art therapy?

A trained art therapist understands that creative or expressive therapies are deeply connected to the unconscious. Art therapy is a way of thinking about a client's therapeutic experience. An art therapist approaches individual and group treatment based on years of specialized training and integrates nonverbal expressions into a deeper therapeutic environment.



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