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Artist / Art Therapist




















My life as an artist

 have been for more than 40 years. My work has progressed through most 2D media, photography, paint, collage, digital media and the love of drawing lies beneath it all. I can't even think without drawing. I have known periods of work that range from intense figurativism to abstract expression then back to figurativism. I have also known periods of fusion, when different styles and approaches have been brought into the same artwork. Though though I have experienced a level of "success" with my artwork, I have always followed where the art has led me. In essence, my artwork has always been a conduit to my subconscious and I understand my logical progression into art therapy as an intimate inevitability. MORE

What is art therapy?

Upon graduation from the CAAHEP accredited Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, Masters in Art Therapy with an Emphasis in Counseling program in December 2021, I hold an LMHC-A license in the State of Indiana, and will be billable under supervision to Medicare and Medicaid. MORE


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